Outpatient Mental Health Programs

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:
Psychiatric evaluation and medication management.

Diagnostic Assessment:
Mental and behavioral health evaluations.

Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy:
Individual, Family and group sessions to resolve a wide variety of emotional, behavioral and relationship problems.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment:
Intervention to enhance the child’s ability to participate in and contribute to their community. Provides families with support, resources and skill building.

Complex Trauma and Attachment Program:
Specialized treatment to help families with children impacted by early trauma. Services include specialized assessment, therapy, and groups.

Sexual Trauma Program:
Specialized treatment for children who have experienced sexual trauma or who exhibit concerning sexual behaviors. Services include specialized assessment, therapy, and groups.

Collaborative Programming with the Lake County Juvenile Court:
Provides intervention for adjudicated youths in Lake County through the Juvenile Achievement Program and the Intensive Community Rehabilitation Program.

Mental Health Prevention:
Education, guidance, and consultation for families and community members around topics of child development and mental health issues.

Temporary break for parents caring for children with emotional or behavioral disorders.

Therapeutic Foster Care:
Temporary therapeutic foster care placement to help stabilize children with emotional or behavioral disorders until they are able to reunite with their own family.

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