5 Ways to Manage Stress

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5 ways to keep your stress in check


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Stress is a part of everyone’s lives, it’s like an unwanted guest who will just keep turning up unannounced. Some days, it may feel like you cannot escape. But that does not mean that you can’t lock the door to stress, or at least, put a chain latch on and keep it under better control.


It may seem like things will never get easier and it may seem like every day is getting longer and longer, and much heavier each time. The beautiful thing about humans though, is that we are incredibly resilient. You can get through the day and you will.


When it feels all too much, remember these five things.


  1. Remember To Take Time For Yourself

If I told you to take some time for yourself today, would you? Self-care is incredibly important and should be a part of everyone’s daily life. While you are doing everything to help others, remember to help yourself. Having that longer bath, binge watching that Netflix series or getting on that project you’ve been putting off, will give you such a huge sense of calm. Calm waters may just stop those sea levels (or stress) from getting too high.


  1. Remember To Say No

Many of us have forgotten that we can say no. We do not have to attend all those events or plans we are invited to. We do not need to do those things that make us feel incredibly uncomfortable. It dosen’t mean that you should give up on everything, sometimes the best things are through the hardest paths, but you know your limits and your speed – stick to them to keep your head above water.


  1. Remember That There Are Always More Options

The path that your parents and your school have put you on, is not the only path that will lead you to your successes. If you fail; if you make a mistake, you can always find another way; there are always other options. Life isn’t a one-way road; it’s a wiggly mess of possibilities that you can test.


  1. Remember Your Own Importance

Stress is often made worse by our environments, which means it’s sometimes the people we love the most and the lives we can’t seem to avoid that cause us the most stress. We can get so wrapped up in everything around us that we forget that we matter too. You deserve help, support, and love just as much as the person who you give all of that too. You are important, don’t forget that and don’t let those pesky stress demons, or anyone actually, mist your vision.


  1. Remember You’re Not Alone

At the end of the day, millions of people are feeling stressed, just like you. Though our stories are never the same and there is no comparison, we are all bonded by our ability to feel and think. Stress is a by-product of human nature. You are not alone, you are human, and you can get through anything. There are so many reaching at any time – you can reach back.



Guest post by Charlotte Underwood 

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