• Crossroads' Mission & Vision

    Crossroads will be the provider of choice for behavioral healthcare, setting the standards with innovative and evidence-based services.

    Crossroads provides a continuum of quality life-changing behavioral health services for children, adolescents, young adults, and families, including specialized treatment for chemically dependent adolescents. Crossroads’ core values are: Client-Centered ∘ Integrity ∘ Excellence ∘ Collaborative ∘ Diversity ∘ Tenacity.

  • Crossroads Client
    Launches a New Life

    Just over three years ago, a shy boy named John was ordered by the Lake County Juvenile Court to come to Crossroads for an assessment and counseling. John had low self-esteem and was already socially uncomfortable when he became the target of bullies at school... Read More

  • Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in Recovery

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    Creating a healthy lifestyle is essential in recovery. Our body is transitioning through physical, mental, emotional and psychological changes. I believe there are several...   Read More

    How Therapy Could Help Couples Impacted By Addiction

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    If one partner is abusing or addicted to alcohol or other drugs, it may be true that your spouse isn’t the one in rehab,...   Read More

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